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Article by Raj Chowdary Posted: August 24, 2011

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We have learned “How to create a blog with Tumblr Platform” and today I would like to discuss about the pros and cons of the is the world’s most popular and leading microblogging platform which is maintained by Tumblr, Inc headquartered at New York.

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tumblr logo Pros & Cons Of Tumblr Blogging Platform

Tumblr, which is actually a popular tumblogging platform and is a bit different from traditional blog, The term tumblogging is most commonly referred to as microblogging where users will be able to share content like text, images, audio and video files. Like all other platforms Tumblr has its own advantages and disadvantages and in here is the list of its pros and cons.

Pros of Tumblr Platform

  • Well designed, good-looking and easily to start with interface.
  • Excellent set of templates made by world-class web designers are available for free.
  • You post whatever you like Photos, Videos, text, audio files, links and add them to your conversations.
  • Excellent and cool social networking system which are similar to Twitter, with option to follow other blogs.
  • Could integrate well with social networks and will be able to post Twitter feed without modifications.
  • Easy mobility options, You can post through email, phone, and even by a SMS.
  • Excellent Mobile apps available for Android, iOS platforms.

Cons of Tumblr Platform

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