How To Host Your Website With A Custom Domain Name Using Dropbox?

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Article by Raj Chowdary Posted: October 27, 2011

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Dropbox is one of the easiest ways to host and manage your online space requirements and the best things I like in Dropbox is the SVN versioning, Dropbox tracks down the each and every changes who made to the files you save on their servers and the versioning will allow to switch back to the earlier versions of the file, just in case when you need them.

cloud computing storage service dropbox How To Host Your Website With A Custom Domain Name Using Dropbox?

When it comes to intelligent ways of using Dropbox for more productive ways, we have found a simple and easy solution to host your static HTML powered websites on Dropbox for free using the Public directory (Dropbox allows you to share all the contents that are listed in their Public folder), It is so simple to do things like hosting your website using Dropbox and in this tutorial I will tell you what exactly you should in order to host your simple websites.

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How To Host Your Website Using Dropbox?

  • Navigate to the Public folder in your account (in case if you have deleted the Public folder in
  • your account, don’t worry you just need to create a new folder and name it as “Public”) and create a new folder of your choice, here in this context I am using “demo”.
  • In the this step, just copy all your HTML, CSS and image files to power up your website in the folder which you have created earlier.
  • Open the “demo” folder and just click on the index.html file and select the option “Copy public link” and open that in your browser.

How to host your website using dropbox copy public link How To Host Your Website With A Custom Domain Name Using Dropbox?

  • For Demo Purpose we have created a dummy site using the free template available over the web, you can check out the demo site, which is hosted using Dropbox.

Live Demo Website

How To Assign A Custom Domain Name For Dropbox Powered Websites?

  • The website which you hosted on Dropbox will be have Dropbox biased URL’s in case if you wish to use your own domain to power the website, you just need to login to your domain account account manager. (if you don’t have a domain, Go for NetFirms (they offer domains for just $4.95, Use Promo Code: PROMO495)

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  • Check for forward domain, and in the new tab check for advanced setting and fill up the page like the one in the screenshot. (In the “Forward to” URL link enter the link where you have hosted your website on Dropbox)

How to host your website using custom domain name on dropbox How To Host Your Website With A Custom Domain Name Using Dropbox?

That’s it you are done with the hosting and now you can enjoy your all new website LIVE.

Let us know if you need any help in setting up your website or domain name, we will be more glad to help you out. Please share us your views and let me know if there are more ways to host your websites for free using free online storage spaces.

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Ceballos November 23, 2011 at 6:04 pm

Somehow I can´t find the “forward domain” option in NetFirms. Would you please tell me where it is located in the control panel?


Rajesh November 23, 2011 at 6:58 pm

Log in to the control panel and do the following,…
Click the Domains menu tab to access the Domain Manager.
Click the + icon beside the domain you wish to forward.
Click the Source tab.
Place a checkmark next to the Forward box.
Enter in the destination URL you want to forward to and click Update.


CEBALLOS November 23, 2011 at 8:48 pm

Hi Rajesh, thank you for your help.
When I access the Domain Central and click the + icon I get 9 different sub menus. “Pointers” is the first one. In “Pointers” I can set up the domain home directory or forward location. However I am not able to define the tittle of the website as you could in the example…


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