Does Facebook block Google+ invites?

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Article by Raj Chowdary Posted: August 17, 2011

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A new controversy has erupted today after a Google employee has posted a video which shows how Google+ invite links shared by him on Facebook would not show up in the news feeds of his friends though his other status messages would show up fine in his friends news feeds.

Reacting to this allegation, Facebook said that it was unable to replicate the experience shown in the video. It also further added that it does use a display-filtering technology to eliminate spam from users’ news feed wherein, a link wouldn’t appear in the news feed if it was posted many times previously.

We do not know exactly if this latest controversy is true or a marketing gimmick by Google to attract users to its recently launched social networking site, Google+. Earlier, there were reports that Facebook has blocked Google+ ads on its site.

Source: cnet

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